Annual Review 2014: Looking Forward to 2015

This is my third and last installment about my 2014 Annual Review. If you would like to read the past posts, I have an Introduction on the process that I used and then one on What Did/Didn’t Go Well. In this one, I will outline some of my targets for the following year. For each target, I also have an Excel Spreadsheet which breaks down how and when these things will be achieved.

I would love to hear from any readers out there (do you even exist) about your targets for the year and how you plan on breaking them down to achieve them.


Target 1: Start tracking expenses and review them on a monthly basis.

Target 2: Find a way to make passive income and use various channels to make an extra x amount this year. (The amount is not as important as having a goal for a fixed amount that you are trying to reach)

Target 3: Make a financial plan that includes giving 2% of my income to charities.

Target 4: Include a travel budget in how much I am saving.


Target 1: Take every opportunity possible to travel within Ethiopia.

Target 2: Explore as much of Africa as possible and is sustainable. Go on a safari.

Target 3: Travel more intentionally. Seek out new experiences and people while traveling.

Target 4: Document my travels better. Start posting photographs within a week of coming back, write a blog post about where I went and my experiences.


Target 1: Keep consulting doctors and find a specialist in East Africa that can help to monitor my thyroid symptoms.

Target 2: Get to a healthy weight through proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Target 3: Pray at least 3 times a week and practice gratefulness daily. Keep a gratitude journal.

Target 4: Plan and track my weekly schedule and re-evaluate if it is not working.


Target 1: Call home more often.

Target 2: Make a conscious effort of staying in touch by sending regular correspondance to friends and family.

Target 3: Make a 5-year plan with my husband.


Target 1: Do at least 2 hours of hands on service every month.

Target 2: Get on a recurring donation schedule for charities I care about (they are: Pearson College UWC, One Acre Fund, Engineers Without Borders Canada and Medecins Sans Frontieres)


Target 1: Finish my thesis, get approval to graduate by May 2015. For this, I need to write at least 1,000 words a day.

Target 2: Design and have a running website and portfolio.

Target 3: Read at least 1 book a month for a total for 12 books at minimum this year.

Target 4: Write at least 1 blog post every month on career related issues for a total for 12 career related blog posts.


Target 1: Write at least 1 blog post every week for a total of 48 posts this year.

Target 2: Launch at least 2 of my projects this year. (I won’t reveal what they are yet but watch this space)

My theme for the year is Preparing & Building! Whether spiritually or at work, I’m preparing myself and building foundations for larger and better things in the years to come.


What about you? What are your targets this year? What is your theme for the year? Do you have a plan on how you will get there? Would love to hear from you!

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