Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve

This summer was my 7th year going back to Newfoundland. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. Every year, I love my adopted home more and more and try to explore an area. Even though we had very little vacation time this year, I was pretty pumped for a visit to the Northern Peninsula of the island. Despite the worst weather in decades due to El Nino, the landscapes were still awe-inspiring.

Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve is a limestone barrens with some of the rarest flowers in the world, found nowhere else on Earth! And some not so rare ones that were in great light.

D7A_9604u D7A_9870u  D7A_9610u

Due to the weather, the limestone and the grey of the sky seemed to all blend together. Maybe it was the greyest place on Earth! But so atmospheric and beautiful.

D7A_9682u D7A_9661u

The ocean was full of capelin and you could see them close to the shore which also brought the fishermen. The dark spots in the pictures of ocean are thousands of tiny fish! D7A_9537u

D7A_9600uD7A_9720uWe spent a few great hours breathing in the fresh air and admiring the scenery. A visit to Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve is a highly recommended part of any journey to Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula.

D7A_9492u D7A_9489u D7A_9495u D7A_9550u  D7A_9595u

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