Newfoundland’s Magical Coast of Bays

Newfoundland is well-known for it’s picturesque fishing villages, its welcoming communities and wondrous wilderness. Yet, even the most die-hard of Newfoundland fans usually don’t take the time to visit the unexpected gem that is the Coast of Bays.

Driving down Route 360 requires a little bit of time, patience and luck. Foggier than the rest of the island, the amazing terrain might be hidden from sight for the majority of time. But go beyond the tourist trails  and you will find no crowds and some of the most breath-taking landscapes in this part of the island. It’s no wonder this region is called the Coast of Bays.


We drove down from our summer home in Tors Cove for a few days, bent on at least scratching the surface of the South Coast. Upon arrival in Harbour Breton, we were welcome by copious amounts of fog but were made to feel cozy on a well-kept campground in Deadman’s Cove with the cleanest toilet I have seen. It also happened to be a five minute walk away from a gorgeous beach where the sun would burst from the fog to grace us with magnificent sunsets. That, alongside fish cakes from the local community centre and the friendly locals (and a frisbee) kept us happy while we waited out the weather. And then, the sunshine came out…  And we wondered why this was only the first time we had ventured south. (And we were totally alone here.) We felt truly blessed by the gods.

Incredible sunsets at Deadman’s Cove in Harbour Breton.

Hidden bays and old communities full of history and character, well-marked deserted coastal trails, deep fjords going kilometers inland, ponds with fresh sweet swimming water, waterfalls and some of the most beautiful communities on the island were what we found. And we can’t wait to go back again. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the photos for yourself. If you have more time, you can truly unplug and take a ferry to some of the boat-accessible only communities. Unfortunately, we had to get back to civilization much too soon. But we will definitely be going back to experience the magic again.



9 thoughts on “Newfoundland’s Magical Coast of Bays

  1. Stunning photography! Just what I needed to see tonight… the promise of summer and family!

  2. Does this mean no more Ethiopia? I’d complain if Newfoundland wasn’t so totally, differently beautiful. I had a yen to visit years ago, but none of the images I saw then seduced me the way these ones do. The landscape is so diverse, and … unmodern! Your eye delights: the sunset over the graveyard; the boats; the jetties and men at work; the waterfall: the waterlilies and captured pink clouds; the fish hanging out to dry(?); the water lapping onshore. A feast for my Sunday morning eyes! Thank you.

    1. Happy Sunday! Newfoundland is my summer home and I go there every year without fault. I’m just reminiscing and looking forward to the summer. But that said, I am in fact going to be leaving Ethiopia at the end of this month… Only to move to Japan! More adventures to follow 🙂

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