Takayama Fall Festival

Takayama is a beautiful town in the Japanese Alps that hosts two major festivals (matsuri) annually. The Hachiman Matsuri, or Fall festival, took place in October and is often quoted as one of the most beautiful festivals in Japan. A friend and I decided to take the beautiful drive through the mountains to take part. One of the most interesting parts of the festival are the numerous enormous floats decorated with lanterns that parade down all of streets of the old town. The whole town participates in both the evening and the daytime performances that include dragon dancing, traditional music and of course the floats. Take a look for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Takayama Fall Festival

  1. Superbes photos, Raïsa! Merci de les partager avec nous -ainsi nous pouvons un peu voyager avec toi et voir, à travers tes yeux et ta caméra, ce que tu as pu découvrir lors de ce voyage merveilleux.

  2. How nice it is to have you back in the blogging world! Your blog posts have inspired me to travel more and your photos help me get fresh ideas to take better pictures. As for the Hachiman Matsuri, the floats look incredibly beautiful and at the same time, elegant. The traditional costumes are so colorful and exuberant as well.

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