Roadtrip in Oman

Oh man! Oman is probably one of my favourite destinations ever! We rented a car, took a copy of a friend’s 4×4 guide to Oman and went off-roading to as many places as we could. Oman had everything- great roads, amazing views, ocean, mountains, desert, good trekking and some tasty food. Enjoy the photos from this amazing country with so much to offer.




124 thoughts on “Roadtrip in Oman

  1. Oh when you put it like that! Just beautiful 🙂 I live here (to be more precise the place you’ve captured in your 9th image) and you just reminded me of how much I need to revisit these gorgeous sites. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow. These photos would make a gorgeous coffee-table book. I wanted to go to Oman when I went to the UAE since part of it is pretty close to Al Ain. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing such amazing pictures. I knew oman is a beautiful place and was planning to visit it during winters and take joy of this wonderful place but I’m more confident about it now after watching your wonderful pictures. Since I reside in UAE I have just been to Jabal Jais which is 350 m east of the border between Oman and United Arab Emirates at an altitude of 1,925 m and for me this place was just breathtaking with a fantastic road trip, a magnificent view and had thrilling experience.

  4. beautiful captures… The dry rocky mountains, the sandy beach and the sandy roads… Makes one feel like they are in an age old movie, hip yet retro.. Thumbs up!

  5. We went there for our honeymoon last year and absolutely loved it, the people are so kind and the country is beautiful. It’s been a trip down memory lane looking at your gorgeous photos, thank you.

  6. This looks insane, and definitely on my bucket list now. Incredible pictures too- may I ask what camera you used?

    1. Great! I’m glad it made you want to go 🙂 Makes me think that maybe I should dig out all the photos I have left over should also be published. I use a Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 24-70mm lens.

    1. Good question! In the wadis (canyons with water) there was some agriculture as the water and irrigation system is quite advanced to grow mainly date palsm but I didn’t see a ton of it to be honest. A lot of food is imported.

  7. Your photos are exactly how I remember the country!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane of a place we once were lucky to call home! Did you have a favorite experience or location?

    1. Being able to call Oman home is definitely lucky! I really enjoyed swimming in all of the wadis! The water was always so fresh and lovely. I think we spent our whole time chasing wadi pools.

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