Celebrate Timket in Gondar

Every January, Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia will celebrate Timket. Nowhere is this holiday bigger or more festive than in the old capital of Gondar where medieval castles and history abounds. Timket is the Orthodox celebration of Epiphany to celebrate the baptism of Jesus. The day before the event, churches from all over the city participate in huge colourful processions. People will spend all night praying at the church and then very very early in the morning, after prayers, everyone will jump into the water in the Fasilidades Pool. People will spray the audience with holy water and pandemonium will ensue! A great experience 🙂


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Timket in Gondar

  1. Such wonderful photos. They recreate the experience for someone who wasn’t actually there. As always your portraits are stunning: the little girl with the candle, the back view of people sitting in a tree, the two you men, one in regalia one not, and the image of devotion you chose for your header. I could in fact characterise every one – they are all splendid. Thank you.

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