Sailing the Cyclades- Poros

Read about my first stop in Aegina HERE.

Second Port: Poros

After a few hours of sailing, we arrived at the beautiful port city of Poros. The bell tower in the  middle and surrounded by small mountains, it felt almost like what I imagine Switzerland to look like. We explored the city a little bit, walking along the water and checking out the ferries that plied the waters and carried passengers between the two sides of the island. We fell asleep in the lovely marina after a delicious team dinner that included the Poros specialty- snails!


The next day, each person wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to spend a little bit of time relaxing on a beach so off we went to walk to the closest beach which was about a 15 mins walks away. On the way, I spotted an beautiful cemetery with hundreds of crosses and gorgeous ornaments. Looking in and looking at the ways that people have paid homage to their family members made me feel a little closer to the people. It made me wonder- who are they, what were their stories. The cemetery was particularly interesting because many of the tombs had photos and little relics of the people who had passed away. Greeks are very much an ornamental culture- they leave little passages of angels, flowers and large relics of the dead as remembrances. On roadsides throughout my travels, I would see small shrines remembering not only family members but also saints and deities.


Moving on from the cemetery, we arrived at a lovely beach where I read for a few hours and took a few photos of the families enjoying the sunshine.


Read about my first stop in Aegina HERE.


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